Meet RAMONA. It's Wine, But Cooler. The best of Italian spritz culture. Now in a can.

Meet Ramona.
It’s wine, but cooler.

The best of Italian spritz culture. Now in a can.

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Dry Not Shy

Say Ciao To Amarino.
Our newest organic spritz is part of family but stands out from the crowd. She's a little bitter, a little dry. And we love her for it. Meet Amarino, our take on the classic Italian spritz with none of the added sugar or artificial flavors and dyes. Sounds molto bene, right?

Meet Amarino
We are wine without rules. High-quality, organic ingredients: the first-of-its-generation, low-alcohol, easy-drinking, go-anywhere spritz.

Made with Good Taste

We are wine without rules.
The sophistication of Italian spritz meets the charming kitsch of American wine coolers. Add high-quality, organic ingredients and you've got RAMONA: the first-of-its-generation, low-alcohol, go-anywhere spritz. 

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It’s what’s inside that counts

  • Vegan +
    All of our wines are 100% gluten-free and fined with bentonite clay as an alternative to isinglass (fish bladder) or other animal products.
  • Certified
    From our grapes to our juices—everything is 100% certified organic except the citric acid (which is unavailable in organic format).
  • LOW
    There's nothing weird in our wine, including extra sulfites (the ones you’ll find are naturally occurring. Fun Fact: did you know sulfites naturally occur in everything from fermentation, egg yolks to volcanos?).
  • No Chemical Additives
    Ever! Including sugar, preservatives, or anything in the vineyard. RAMONA is wine, organic fruit, and bubbles—that's it.
    Our grapes are certified by Suolo e Salute and grown in Italy—home to a 3,000 year tradition of organic farming and some of the highest agricultural standards in the world.


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