Wine With High Standards

  • Gluten Free

    Gluten-sensitive? Fear not, we got you. Every flavor of RAMONA is absolutely, 100% gluten-free.

  • Vegan

    Some methods of making wine
    use animal products like isinglass, a gelatin made of fish bladders. Not RAMONA. As an alternative to animal products we use bentonite, a clay mineral, for fining.


    There’s nothing weird in our wine nor in our cans. Ours are naturally free of harmful chemicals.

  • certified organic ingredients

    Our grapes are certified by Suolo e Salute and grown in Italy — home to some of the highest agricultural standards in the world. 99.9% of our ingredients are organic (everything but citric acid, which is unavailable in an organic format)- from the grapes to the citrus juices.

  • No Added anything

    We don’t add sugar, preservatives, chemicals, or anything else. RAMONA is wine, organic fruit and bubbles - that's it.