Organic Dry Amarino Spritz (4-Pack)


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Meet Amarino, our take on the classic Italian Spritz. Sounds molto bene, right? Lightly sparkling organic wine flavored with a proprietary blend of citrus, gentian root, and botanicals -- and colored with organic carrot and pumpkin (unlike the toxic coal-tar based artificial dyes of our more commercial counterparts). Sourced from the highest quality organic ingredients and made with sustainable production methods, no cane sugar, no gluten and only 90 calories, RAMONA is the best of Italian spritz culture in a go-anywhere, do-anything can.

1 pack contains 4 x 250ml cans

Tasting Notes

Perfectly balanced, never-too-sweet, bitter-orange made with Italian herbs and citrus peel

ABV / Proof
5% ABV
Carbs / Sugar*
Italy / Sicily

*per can