Community is Everything

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The Ramona WaY

Made with a mission.                                                         

To build a business that contributes to a sustainable planet and a better world.

If we wouldn’t drink it, we wouldn’t make it.
RAMONA is produced using the highest standards and quality ingredients - no cutting corners.

There’s no “I” in “RAMONA” 
We share a sense of purpose, potential and play with our community.

Passion and curiosity to learn
everything we can.
The more we can improve, the better we can be.


Opening up with Jordan Salcito

The Opening Up Podcast is based on the premise that wine is the ultimate connective tissue, and that the best conversations happen over a good bottle.  Award-winning sommelier and founder of RAMONA, Jordan Salcito, talks with leaders from various industries over their favorite bottles of wine, exploring what drives them in their public and personal lives.  New episodes debut weekly on Tuesdays.