Limited Edition: The Ride Or Dry Pack (6-Pack)

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6 Packs = 24 cans; 1 pack contains 4 x 250ml cans


This limited-edition RAMONA sampler features three packs each of our deliciously dry, award-winning, low-sugar and low-cal favorites: Dry Sparkling Rosé and Dry Ruby Grapefruit. Made with the highest quality organic ingredients, sustainable production methods, no refined sugar, and ethical supply chain, RAMONA is the best of the fine wine world, in a go-anywhere, do-anything can. (Plus, they're keto-friendly, vegan, AND gluten-free.) 

P.S. At $99 you are getting a pack on us (!) a.k.a., this offer is to dry for.

Tasting Notes

Dry Ruby Grapefruit: Bright ruby grapefruit zest, tart lime blossom, light stone fruit.
Dry Sparkling Rose: Tart cherries & fresh hibiscus flower.

ABV / Proof
ABV/Proof Varies by Flavor
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