Limited Edition: Summer Spritz Variety Pack

$99 $120.00

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6 Packs = 24 cans; 1 pack contains 4 x 250ml cans


New to RAMONA? Looking for some variety? A fan of all our signature spritzes? Sounds like the limited-edition High Summer Sampler is for you. With six 4-packs of our summer-iest spritzes including Ruby Grapefruit, Blood Orange, Meyer Lemon, and Dry Ruby Grapefruit, it's just the thing for staying cool on those long, slow summer nights. 

Best part: at $99 you’re getting an extra 4-pack on us. 

Tasting Notes

Ruby Grapefruit: Citrus zest, stone fruit, ruby grapefruit, lime blossom & Honeycrisp apple.
Blood Orange: Citrus zest, raspberries, blood orange and hibiscus.
Meyer Lemon: Fresh squeezed lemons, green apple, cactus flower & lime blossom.
Dry Ruby Grapefruit: Bright ruby grapefruit zest, tart lime blossom, light stone fruit.

ABV / Proof
Varies by Flavor