Double Duo: Dry Sparkling Rosé & Amarino

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2 packs = 8 x 250ml cans; 1 pack = 4 x 250ml cans


This limited-edition RAMONA sampler features two packs each of our deliciously dry, award-winning, low-sugar and low-cal favorites: Amarino & Dry Sparkling Rosé.

Made with the highest quality organic ingredients, sustainable production methods, no refined sugar, and ethical supply chain, RAMONA is the best of the fine wine world, in a go-anywhere, do-anything can. (Plus, they're keto-friendly, vegan, AND gluten-free.)

2 packs = 8 x 250ml cans; 1 pack = 4 x 250ml cans

Tasting Notes

Amarino: Perfectly balanced, never-too-sweet, bitter-orange made with Italian herbs and citrus peel
Dry Sparkling Rosé: Tart cherries & fresh hibiscus flower

ABV / Proof
ABV/Proof Varies by Flavor